Thursday, May 7, 2009

Looking for Links - Don't miss This.

OK, so this week I have been looking at Google Trends.

One of the most powerful uses I have found for Google Trends is finding links for my websites.

Having done lots of website reviews for clients, one of the major reasons that most business websites don't feature highly in the search engines is not enough links.

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Is not enough links holdingg back your website?

In my experience the issue is actually finding the websites to link to that is the problem for most business owners.

One of the tools that I use to find websites to link to is Google Trends.

Here is how I go about it.

1. Find a blog that is relevant to your industry. In Google you would search for "your industry" blog or just search Google Blogs or maybe you are following some already.

2. Put the address of this blog into Google Trends

3. Have a look at the websites that people that visited this website also visited.

4. Check out these websites and see if you can get a link back to your website on them.

5. Check out the search terms that people also searched for and put these into Google and see what websites you get. Put the first few into Google Trends and see if you can get other websites that might give you a link.

6. Look for a forum that relates to your industry. Google search for 'your industry' forum. See what the rules are for posting links on the forums.

7. Put the address of the forum into Google Trends and see what other websites you get. See if you can get a link from these websites.

8. Look at the search terms that people used and check out these search terms.

WARNING - Link building can be a somewhat tedious task. But it is vital to the success of your website in terms of how much organic (Free) traffic you will get to your website.

This is one way that I use to build links for my websites. Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks and I will share with you some other ways that I build links for my websites.


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