Wednesday, May 27, 2009

5 Websites to Ramp Up Your Online Business

Lead Generation.

If you had more customers would you sell more product?

Sounds pretty obvious really.

So, where are the customers? Where are your potential customers?

If you have a retail business selling products or services there is a very good chance that some of your customers are hanging out on these websites.

Put your business in front of them.


PageRank 5
Compete - Approx 428000 unique US visitors in April 2009

Classifieds for Free

PageRank 4
Compete - Approx 48000 unique US visitors April 2009

Free Advertising Forum

PageRank 5
Compete - Approx 26000 unique US visitors April 2009

Web Classifieds

PageRank 4
Compete - Approx 88000 unique US visitors April 2009

Inet Giant

PageRank 4
Compete - Approx 165000 unique US visitors

There are a few things that you need to realise about online classified websites

  1. People that look at online classified websites are looking to buy stuff
  2. These websites come up in Google search results and rank highly.
Just these 5 websites alone in April 2009 had 745000 unique US visitors.

Now, not all of these people are going to see your ad, but even if just a very small percentage of people see your ad you could significantly increase your business.

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