Sunday, May 17, 2009

Keeping up with the Jones' could be vital to your Business Success

One of the major challenges facing business owners' doing business on the internet is that there is so much info out there that keeping up with everything that is going on can be a major challenge.

Unfortunately if you use all of your time scouring the internet for every last piece of information relating to your industry then you have no time to actually do anything.
But you need to stay up to date with what's hot.

How do you do this?

One of the tools that I use from time to time to monitor what is hot on the internet is Trendpedia

Trendpedia is a great tool for monitoring what is being talked about in your industry or niche on the social media websites.

You can compare different topics within your industry to see which one is hottest at the moment.

When you do a search you see a few different results.

1. You see the number of posts per day that relate to your search term. If you have done a comparison then you will see the number of blog posts per day for each term.

As a general rule, if no one is posting about it then don't waste your time.

There are a couple of exceptions to this rule.

If you are in a very specialised industry then there may not be many posts. This is a great opportunity for you to dominate the search engines by posting new content regularly.

If you think you have the next greatest thing since sliced bread that no-one else knows about yet.

2. You see the pattern of blog posting on a daily basis.

Did you ever wonder how often you should post on your blog, or what days you should post on. You can review the pattern of posting and get some answers to your questions.

Follow the peaks and troughs.

Remember it is a bit like the sharemarket. As a general rule you should follow the trend.

3. You see what is being said on Twitter about your subject or subjects.

At the bottom of the screen you can see who is saying what on Twitter about your industry. You can click on the graph and break this down to daily information for your subject.

I find this a great way to monitor Twitter quickly and easily without having to run Twitter applications that suck up my computer memory and can be very distracting.

Does your business have a social media strategy?

Not sure what to post on your blog?

Not sure when or how often to post on your blog?

What is the competition doing?

I have found this to be a great tool to answer all of these questions without taking up a huge amount of my time.

Does it just reinforce what you already know about your industry or are there some different things going on that you need to be aware of?

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