Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Share your blog content with the world - Free traffic and more Backlinks

OK. So you have a piece of quality content that you have put on your blog and now you want to promote it to the world. Find people that don't know about your blog and bring them back to your site. How do you do it??

Check out

This website is a collection of online magazines, and a great way to post your content onto other websites. This will get you in front of people that don't know you and will bring links back to your website as well.

Here is a few stats about Zimbio that should excite you. PageRank is 6 so Google loves them. Alexa rank at time of posting is 528. Compete tells me they got over 4 million unique visits for March 2009. This will get you some serious exposure and for little or no time.

OK, so here is what you need to do.

1. Create an account at Zimbio.

2. Register your RSS feed and they will automatically pick up your blog posts.

3. Search Zimbio for relevant ezines that relate to your content or niche.

4. Weekly, I log in to my Zimbio account and you will find your blog posts listed and you can then nominate which ezines you want to post them to.

That is about how hard it is.

I have about 5 ezines on Zimbio that I post my content to that all relate to my niche. At the moment I am averaging about 3 blog posts per week. For each blog post I get a link back to my blog associated with the post, and I also get to include links within the content to other blog posts and to my other websites. Don't go over board with the links, but if you have 3-4 links within your content that is 4-5 links per post. That is an extra 10 to 15 links per week which is 500 to 750 links over a year.

The other great thing about these links is you have complete control over what you link to and what text you attach to the link, making the links more valuable to you.
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