Thursday, April 16, 2009

Getting your keyword research wrong will cost your business lots of time and money

How big is the market that your business serves?

Are you a local business?

Do you serve the market within your state?

Do you service a national market?

Can you service the world?

Or do you regularly send orders to Mars?

This needs to be the first question that you ask yourself when you think about keyword research for your business website. If your business only services a local area then there is no point in attracting customers from outside of that area to your website.

If you cannot service them then you do not want them!!

And the second point is that it will be much harder to get your website to the top of the search engine rankings for a generic search term, than it will be for a search term that targets a specific geographic area.

Lets look at an example.

You are a dentist. You own a dental surgery in Tampa. You specialise in cosmetic dentistry. You have a website that you are looking to optimize so that you can get more traffic to generate more leads.

So, which search term do you want to optimise your website for.

If you do a search for 'dentist' you will find that the number one website for that search term out of 33,500 000 results has a PageRank of 6 and in excess of 11000 inbound links according to Yahoo.

So now you do a search for 'cosmetic dentist' and find you are only competing with 5,800 000 other websites. Number 1 site has a PageRank of 5 and about 10000 inbound links.

So now lets look at 'cosmetic dentist tampa' and all of a sudden you are only competing with 416,000 websites. Number 1 site has a PageRank of 1 and 5 inbound links. THIS IS YOUR MARKET AND YOU CAN COMPETE WITH THIS.

One of the major mistakes that I find with local businesses is that they want their website to compete on a national or international scale. You do not need this and you cannot service this market. You are wasting time, effort and money if you are trying to do this.

Would you like to know what you have to do to get on the first page of Google for your business website. I offer a FREE website review service. I will compare your website with the top 10 websites for your competing search term and show you what you need to do to get to the top of the search rankings.
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