Sunday, December 28, 2008

Small Business Owners - Is your website search engine friendly?

Attn : Small Business Owners

there are some things that your website must have in order to be search engine friendly. Why are most websites for small business languishing on page 356 of Google with no hope of ever being seen by the average consumer.

When people search the internet they are invariably looking for 2 things. They are looking for information to solve their problem, or they are looking for a product to solve their problem. So, it is important that your website can be found.

Unfortunately I find that alot of small business websites are missing these critical elements.

The first of these elements are metatags. Don't worry about the computer jargon. Metatags are things that tell the search engines what your site is about. The title, description and keywords are what tells the search engines what your site is about. If your site does not have them then you are not helping them to understand your site and consequently your search rnakings will suffer.

Have you ever tried to sell a product to a customer without telling them what the product does? It is like a website without metatags.

The second element that your site should have is a sitemap. A sitemap is easy to create, but again I find alot of small business websites don't have them. A sitemap makes it easy for the seacrh engine robots to find all of the pages on your site. If your site does not have a sitemap, you are basically leaving the robots to find their own way around your site, and that won't be good for your search rankings.

And, once you have your sitemap you should tell the search engines where to find it.

My suggestion to you is that if your site was designed by a web designer make sure that they have included these basic elements into your site design. Your site might be the most beautiful looking site on the web, but if no-one can find it, what is the point?

Remember, beauty is only skin deep.
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