Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SEO - Is it scary or not??

Perhaps I forgot to mention, but one of the other criteria that I am using for my quest is to do this on as smaller budget as I possibly can. This is mainly out of necessity, but that is another story.

At the moment I am working on SEO - search engine optimisation. Building links, refining my content, that is what SEO is about.

Don't we all want free traffic?? Have you got a story to share about SEO? Can you help someone else with their SEO? Do you have a site that is ranked highly on the search engines? Share your story about how you did it.

I already have a number of sites that are up and running, but I am not paying for traffic so my traffic is purely organic. The main way I have been generating traffic up until now is article writing, but I am now looking at other ways. Consequently up until now traffic has been small and income is zero.
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