Monday, February 23, 2009

Title Tags - How you use them affects your Rankings

"Effective use of Title Tags for every page on your Website is vital to your Search Engine Rankings"

For those of you that are small business owners you might be a little unsure what I am talking about when it comes to title tags. The Title Tags are what appears at the top of the Browser Page and the top of the tabs in the browser if you are using tabs.

Like a book, the title tag is like the chapter heading for each of the pages on your website. And the same kind of rules apply to title tags as to chapter headings.

My Rules for Effective Title Tags

1. Title Tags should be relevant to the individual webpage. They should be descriptive but brief and contain some of the main keywords for that particular page.

The title tag is the bit that shows up in the search engine listings as being the link to your particular page. This should be compelling people to click on your link rather than the other results on the page.

The most common mistake that I see people make with this is that they call their Home Page -'home' and their Products Page - 'products'. This is not going to help your search engine ranking.

This is a bit like calling the chapters of a book 'Chapter 1', 'Chapter 2' etc.

2. Title Tags should be unique.

If all of the pages on your website have the same title tag then there is a very good chance that your pages will not be indexed by Google.

This would be like giving all the Chapters of a book the same title.

3. Title Tags should contain keywords.

My caution here is everything in moderation. Don't stuff your title full of every keyword you came up with. Just use one or two of the most relevant keywords for the particular page.

And put the keywords close to the start of the title, so long as it doesn't affect the readability. Remember this is what people are going to see in the search engine results.

Part of the service that I offer is that I conduct free website reviews.

One of the most common things that I find with small business websites is incorrect or ineffective us of title tags. This is hurting your search engine rankings and your conversions.
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