Sunday, February 1, 2009

Do Online Classifieds Generate more Traffic

My Experiment

One of the things that I am always looking to do is to find more ways to generate targeted traffic to my websites, and my clients' websites.

A little while back I came across some Online Classified Ad services. I googled 'Online Classified Ads' and had a look through the first couple of pages.

So, I have decided for February that my experiment will be to see how much traffic I can drive to my web design website. I will track the sources of the traffic using Google Analytics.

In some of the classified ads I have been able to post a direct link to my website. The other thing that I am interested to see is how much 'link juice' I will get from these ads, if any.

I am going to post regular updates on my blog so you can follow the progress. In all cases I have only posted free ads. If I can generate some traffic I will then look at paid ads to see if I can generate more traffic and if so how much.
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