Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The 8 Week Challenge - 8 Key On Page Factors for Having a Google Friendly Website

Web Page structure is a vital element of SEO. If your website is languishing on Page 553 of Google then there is a good chance that you are missing one or more of these factors.

If you want to draw tons of traffic from Google then it makes sense that you should make your website easy for Google to understand.

First let me say though that your website should be easy for your customer to understand. Here are 2 scenarios that both generate the same results -

Scenario 1 - Traffic NIL Conversion Rate 10% Revenue $NIL

Scenario 2 - Traffic LOTS Conversion NIL Revenue $NIL

So, effective website design should take into account both the search engines and your customers to bring you traffic, sell your product and make you money.

Here are 8 Key Factors for On Page SEO. Overt the next couple of weeks I will be dealing with each of these in more detail.

1. URL's - what is the structure of your URL for each page. Do they look like alphabet soup or are they search engine friendly?

2. Keywords - is your page optimised for your keywords? What keywords? How many? How often?

3. Title Tag - what is the title of your page and what does it tell Google about your page?

4. Meta-Description - what does this tell Google about your page? Are you using keywords effectively?

5. Users - don't forget the users. They are the ones that buy your products. Last I checked Google robots do not spend much money on the internet. They do however have a big bearing on where the money gets spent on the internet.

6. Content - what information is on your page. How are you using Headings? How are you using keywords? How good is your navigation? Do you have a sitemap?

7. Links - navigation links, in page text links, footer links. Are you using these effectively?

8. Test, Test and Retest - if you ever think that the work is done on your website you are heading for a fall. Times change, people change, search terms change. And each market is subtlely different. Constant and Never Ending Improvement is the key to great website design.

So, over the next 8 weeks, my challenge to you is to pick each 1 of these elements and get better at it. In 8 weeks time your website may be very different. Then repeat again for another 8 weeks.
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