Sunday, January 4, 2009

SEO - Explain This

Over the last 12 months or so, I have been trying to learn everything that there is to know about SEO - search engine optimisation. One of my goals for this 12 months is to use as little of my own money to produce online income as I possibly can. Hence my desire to rank well in the search engines for my selected keyowrds so that I can get as much free traffic to my site as possible.

So, I have been looking at links, metatags, keywords, and optimisation among other things to improve the rankings of my sites.

Hence this little story.

My wife is an event photographer and graphic artist. I have setup a website for her event photography. I haven't really done much optimisation with it up until now, so last night I was sitting down to look at the competition. So I went to Google Australia, and typed in the term "event photographer" and I looked at the number 1 ranking site. PageRank 2, 12 incoming links (none related), no metatags, and no keyword optimisation. Imagine my glee at finding this. I can blow this one out of the water.

One of my link building strategies should overtake this in no time flat.

Site number 2 on the rankings seem to be a much better optimised site. The only thing that the number 1 ranked site had, was that the page title was 'Event Photographer'.

I have some articles that I have written. If you want to know more about how to get better rankings for your small business website check them out here - SEO services for small business websites.

That number 1 ranking in Google might not be that far away.
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