Saturday, January 10, 2009

Find Out Where Your Customers Hang Out

Hi All

Been a busy week. Website number 2 is up and running and the client is very happy. Now I'm looking at a revamp of my web design site to give it a fresh look.

In the meantime I have been looking for more cool web tools to help you and me get better results online. So I came across this one

Obviously the best place to interact with your customers is to hang out where they hang out. Be one of them. Find out what they are looking for and give it to them. So if you look at the Google Trends website as above and put in a web address it will give you the Top 10 other websites that people also visited and it will also give you the Top 10 things they searched for.

So if you have your own website put it in Google Trends and see what other sites your customers are visiting. Get a link from these sites if you can.

Find out what other terms they are searching for. This will give you an idea of other terms you might want to look at optimising your site for.

Good luck making money online.
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